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Frequently Asked Questions: Virtual Classes

What is the enrollment process?

The enrollment process for a virtual class is very similar to an on campus class. After you have contacted the Virtual School Director you will meet with the Principal (unless you have already done so) and enroll in the school. After you are enrolled in CVCS (and paid any fees), the Virtual School Director can enroll you into virtual classes; the application is located under the ‘Enroll in Virtual School’ tab. After enrollment the student will receive a welcome letter via email with a login and password. Once they log into the class there will be an orientation for each online class. The parent can watch an informational ‘orientation’ video online if they choose to do so.

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What is the cost?

The cost for the 2020-2021 school year is $75.

If you are not already enrolled in CVCS there is a one time enrollment fee of $150.

Can I keep track of my student’s grades?

Yes. You and your student will have access to the online gradebook whenever you would like. You will also receive weekly email updates that will reflect your students missing assignments if there are any. Your students online class grades will also be in Ren Web quarterly.

What if my student doesn’t like online school?

Your student can be switched out of an online class and put back into the classroom if his or her grades are unsatisfactory. Please understand that we suggest this only as a last resort; the student should utilize the VLN tutors and other resources before dropping the class. All fees will be forfeited and an exit fee of $100  per course will be charged.

How are the classes graded and how heavy is the workload?

The grading scale will be the same as on campus classes. The assessments’ will also be similar; tests, quizzes, essays, multiple choice etc.

We have started to implement a minimum GPA of 2.5. Any student with a GPA lower than 2.5 will need the OK from administration to take an online class.

The workload will vary, but an elective will have several learning assessments (about 1 assignment a day for each weekday), text readings, web links and other informational tools each week. An Advanced Placement class will have college level assignments and assessments and will be much more intensive than an Elective or Foreign Language class, there is a minimum GPA requirement of 3.5.

Please note that any foreign language is best taken for both years online; the switch from an on campus language I and a virtual language II can be a tough transition due to different textbooks and teaching styles.

Are any of these classes taught by CVCS Teachers?

Yes, all of our courses are facilitated by CVCS teachers.

Will I have to pay for textbooks?

No, as soon as your student is enrolled in the class, CVCS covers the cost of this. Please remember that the textbooks take a week to get delivered so the earlier you register the better!

Will my student be responsible to anyone in a virtual classroom?

They will have a teacher in each class that they will need to submit homework to each week.

All virtual classes require a self-motivated student, they need to understand that it is their responsibility to complete all homework on time.

The Virtual School Director and the Principal will also keep a close eye on all students work and their grades.

Will the virtual class have a live teacher?

No, the teacher is not teaching live every day. The student can work on the assignments throughout the week at their own pace (although 1-2 assignments a day is suggested). The teacher will be available by email or by phone. There area several online recorded videos that are available to the student in the ‘Instruction’ aspect of each MOD.

More questions? Feel free to get in touch with our Virtual School Director, Danielle Sanders:; 717-360-2947

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