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Cumberland Valley Christian School, established in 1974 by The Open Door Church in Chambersburg, PA, is a private Christian school for children. CVCS is a non-profit, non-denominational ministry for children and youth from three years of age through senior high school. A traditional basic educational program is offered with special emphasis placed on the Christian faith.

The curriculum emphasizes a Christian philosophy of life as taught in the Scriptures that explains the systems of knowledge around us. Emphasis is placed on learning strong moral principles and personal ethical standards. The traits are incorporated into every subject throughout every class and by every instructor.

CVCS perpetuates American ideals of freedom and liberty, placing emphasis upon our cultural and historical heritage and responsible citizenship.

At CVCS we strive to instill an appreciation for the importance of godly living in the heart and life of every student in the school. It is for this reason we find it necessary to have rules and regulations concerning the conduct and dress of our students. We recognize that not every parent who sends children to CVCS will share all of our convictions. However, it is important that parents and students realize that in order to remain in the school, they must conform to school policy.


Core Values


Biblical Worldview

CVCS is committed to serve parents by teaching students in work and deed the truths of Scripture so as to encourage and equip them to evaluate life through a Biblical perspective.

Christ-centered Relationships

CVCS is committed to build a community that places Christ at the center of all relationships in order to promote strong academic instruction, provide co-curricular activities that refine individual giftedness, and foster a meaningful interpersonal relationship with God and with others.

Academic Excellence

CVCS is committed to hire excellent Christian teachers and to provide an academic program that challenges and enables every student to achieve his or her God-given potential.

Christian Stewardship

CVCS is committed to set tuitions and raise other additional funds to pay teachers a fair and competitive salary and to assist parents in making a Christian education affordable.




Cumberland Valley Christian School is committed to providing an affordable, quality education that is distinctively Christian. We are committed to ensuring that parents receive a legitimate return on the financial sacrifices they make to provide a Christian education for their children. We are committed to providing students with an educational experience that is equal or superior to what they would receive elsewhere. We are committed to a teaching staff that maintains a professional environment that nurtures the teaching/learning process. We are committed to cultivating the appropriate spiritual emphasis that complements our local churches. We are committed to the Lord to be faithful stewards of all the opportunities and resources He has given us.



CVCS exists to assist Christian parents in the fulfillment of their God-given responsibilities of preparing their children for life. This is accomplished through training in righteousness (spiritual education), teaching life skills (academic/vocational education), and instilling self-discipline (social, emotional, and physical education). This is done within the framework of a Biblical Christian world view.



Our educational philosophy rests upon three foundational presuppositions. One states that God has given the responsibility and privilege of education and discipline to parents. CVCS is only an instrument raised up by God to assist parents in fulfilling their duties commissioned by God. The second declares that all truth centers on Jesus Christ. All educational pursuits (spiritual, academic, vocational, physical, social, or emotional) must be studied in reference to the light of God’s truth as revealed in Jesus Christ in the inerrant Word of God, the Bible. A third presupposition is that the destiny of every child of God is to reflect God’s character and bring glory to the Lord. To this end, we labor to do all things and be all things for His glory.

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