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School Counselors

Our school counselors work with teachers, administrators, and parents to help students succeed. They help our students understand and overcome social and behavioral problems through classroom support and counseling. This can be done at an individual or small group level. They provide monthly classroom lessons in our K-6th grade classes that cover a range of social and emotional learning topics. The counselor also works with different students to develop effective study habits by improving their organizational and time-management skills. Periodically, our counselor will teach school staff about specific topics, such as trauma, bullying, etc.

The school counselor works alongside our local Intermediate Unit to identify students who are eligible for evaluations to determine any specific learning disabilities and develop a support plan to ensure they are successful in the classroom. This includes making reasonable accommodations for different assignments and assessments.


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    Ashley Gaines

    Director and Counselor/Admissions
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    Tom Coccagna

    Guidance Counselor/High School English Teacher
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