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Dual Enrollment Opportunities

Sign up for a dual- enrollment course and get ahead in college!

CVCS has dual-enrollment agreements with multiple colleges, including Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC), Colorado Christian University, Houghton College, Wilson College, and the University of Valley Forge. However, students can take dual-enrollment courses through any college of their choosing, as long as the college is accredited. Students in the past have taken dual-enrollment classes through Liberty University, Clarks Summit University, Shippensburg University, and other colleges.

Here is a summary of what each college offers:


· On campus, we teach two classes through HACC. English 101 is basic English composition and covers writing instruction for the types of assignments students will have to complete as they make their way through college. English 102 is a more advanced writing class; it deals with a combination of research, persuasion, and literary analysis.

· Cost: For the 2022-23 academic year, a class taught at CVCS is $238.50; textbooks are provided. For a regular dual-enrollment class, cost is $397.50; textbooks are not provided. · Contact:


· On campus, we teach two English classes through CCU. American Literature I covers American literature from the settling of America through the Romantic Period. It is taught concurrently with English 11. British Literature I covers British literature from the Anglo-Saxon period through the Romantic Age. It is taught concurrently with English 12. Registration deadlines are flexible (Nov. 15 and April 15), which means that a student who is taking English 11 or 12 can decide partway through the course to take the course for college credit.

· We are hoping to add Psychology as a dual-enrollment class this year once it is approved by the university. We are uncertain as to which semester in which it will be taught.

· Cost: CCU classes taught at CVCS are $200; textbooks are provided. Online classes taken through CCU’s Online Academy are $300; textbooks are not provided. · Contact:


· We are pleased to announce that we have entered a dual-enrollment agreement with Houghton College in New York. Houghton offers a number of online classes, including a Drone Pilot Training program. Dual-enrollment classes run for eight weeks and are asynchronous. Students are permitted to take one class during an 8-week period.

· Cost: Classes are $60 per credit hour, $180 for a three-credit class. Textbooks are not provided. · Contact:


· Valley Forge offers dual-enrollment classes in a variety of areas.

· Cost: $99 per credit hour, or $297 for a three-credit course, plus a $50 technology fee for a semester. A student who completes 12 credits through Valley Forge’s dual enrollment can earn up to a $2,000 scholarship if he/she chooses to attend Valley Forge as an on-campus student. · Contact:


· Classes are offered on the Wilson campus or online. There is limited registration for these classes.

· Cost: $325 per course; textbooks are not provided. · Contact:

Visit out ‘Dual-Enrollment FAQ’s’ page for more information!

See the Guidance Counselor and contact the college of your choice and register for a dual-enrollment course(s) today!

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