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From Pastor Mike Sanders
President, Cumberland Valley Christian School

It will take all of us sacrificing together.
The cost of developing a new science lab is too great for just a few to carry. We must each give our share and do our part, CVCS needs your commitment now, like never before. It is time to give something back.

What is my part?
Our theme is “Equal Sacrifice, not equal gifts.” To “sacrifice” means to willingly give the best I have for a greater purpose. While we all cannot give the same amount, we can all sacrifice somehow. This way everyone can have a part. For some a “sacrificial” gift given over a year may be $1,000. For others, a “sacrifice” may be a $100,000. God will impress a specific amount on your heart if you can sincerely ask Him to speak to you.
Giving by Faith is giving that pleases God.
Giving by Faith happens when we decide to give an amount that will require God’s help to fulfill. Our family is making a sacrificial gift, but instead of worrying “How can we afford this?” we are thinking, “We can’t wait to see how God miraculously provides what we have committed to give in faith.
This is your opportunity

…to make a difference with the resources God has given you.
…to do something significant that will outlast your life.
…to leave a legacy for your children and future generations.

There is no greater investment to invest in God’s Kingdom and the Christian training of your children and
grandchildren. Jesus can change lives and deserves our best.

My Part in #MoreThanScience

6 Ways You Can Give

1. Give a cash gift

Ask God for creative ways to increase your gift. You might consider income from savings, tax refunds, garage sales, and extra part-time job, reducing expenses, deferring a major purchase, etc. Involve your family in raising a specific amount.

2. Make a 24 month giving commitment

You can give far more when it is spread out over time. See the Giving Potential chart included with this packet.

3. Give a gift of assets

In addition you can give real estate, stocks, bonds, coins, gold, silver, jewelry, cars, boats, houses.Call 717-264-3266 for assistance.

4. Give a legacy gift

There are many tools available to you that can benefit CVCS and leave an inheritance for your heirs at the same time. Contact us at 717-264-3266 for details.

5. Make CVCS the beneficiary of an insurance policy

Making CVCS the primary beneficiary of an insurance policy can leave a direct and specific gift which could far exceed gifts you may have given during your life. For assistance you may call 717-264-3266.

6. Give online.